How to Make Homemade Stretch Mark Removal Cream

By Heather Finch

Stretch marks are the unsightly result of skin that has changed in size too quickly, such as during pregnancy, a growth spurt, weight loss, or body building. The best time to treat stretch marks is when they first begin to appear. If you anticipate stretch marks, start treating your skin immediately to prevent them altogether, and encourage your growing teenagers to use this stretch mark cream daily. This cream will also help reduce the appearance of established stretch marks.

Step 1

Melt cocoa butter in double boiler. Remove from heat.

Step 2

Use the hand mixer to combine the melted cocoa butter with the almond oil. When the mixture turns a creamy color, add vitamin E oil and essential oils.

Step 3

Continue mixing on high speed until the cream takes on a slightly thick consistency. Pour the cream into the glass jar.