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Modern rollers come in a many varieties, such as plastic, heated, metal, cloth and foam. But you don't need to go to the expense of buying rollers, when creating rollers at home is so simple and easy. Using different household items, you can create a wide array of sizes of curls. There are several ways to make homemade curling rollers.

Gather seven to 10 empty soda or beer cans, removing the opening tab on the top. Wash the cans thoroughly in a sink filled with water and 1 tsp. of bleach. Drain cans upside-down on a towel until they are completely dry. Roll long hair around the cans and secure at the base of the head with bobby pins.

Cut pieces of 100-percent cotton into strips 1-inch wide by 6-inches long. Hold the end of a small section of damp hair against the center of the cotton strip, and roll the hair along the cotton until you reach the scalp. Tie the ends of the cotton strip together and allow the hair to dry for several hours or over night before unrolling.

Clean 10 or so empty 6-oz. cans in a sink filled with water and 1 tsp. of bleach. Allow the cans to dry on a clean towel and cut the entire top and bottom off the cans. Roll the hair around the cans and clip the cans in place with bobby pins by sliding the pins through the hair and around the side of the can.

Hold 10 or 11 pieces of pipe cleaner together in a group. Twist the pipe cleaners into a tight group, and fold the ends in slightly to hold everything together, repeating until you have a dozen separate curlers made. Wrap the ends of a small section of damp hair and roll up the hair until you reach the scalp, bending the pipe cleaner curlers to hold them in place.

Cut a 1-inch dowel into a dozen separate pieces. Roll your dry hair around the pieces of dowel and pin in place using bobby pins. Allow these to remain in place for a few hours before unrolling and styling.


Damp hair holds a curl tighter and longer than hair rolled while dry.


Use caution when handling the edges of the cans, to avoid cuts.