High heels have been a fashion staple forever—some artistic depictions from ancient Egypt, circa 3500 B.C., show upper-class women wearing rudimentary shoes with high heels. Today, heels are ubiquitous in the workplace, on city sidewalks, and in every place in between. All those heels clacking on hard surfaces can be pretty loud—but the noise can be reduced easily with duct tape.

Things You'll Need

Cover Your Heels

Wash the soles of your high heels with soapy water and a washcloth. Set the heels in a sunny area until thoroughly dry.

Duct tape is available from most major manufacturers in a wide variety of colors; choose a hue that’s closest to the color of your particular shoe heel. Cut a piece of duct tape into two squares that are about 2 millimeters wider than the circumference of the bottom of each heel. Set the duct tape squares on a hard surface, sticky side up.

Place the bottom of the heels onto the center of each duct tape square. Press down firmly on the shoes until the heels bond with the adhesive. Pull and stick the excess duct tape over the sides of each heel. The tape will be barely visible on the sides of the heels, but the small overlap provides extra hold for the tape.

Put on your shoes and walk around. If the sound isn’t muted enough, layer on more strips of duct tape until your heels are adequately quiet.


  • Change the duct tape every month or so to prevent it from coming off of the heels in public.
  • While duct tape mutes noise from both stilettos and wider heels, you need to replace the tape on stilettos every time you wear them since there’s less surface area for the adhesive to bond to securely.
  • Duct tape is designed to provide traction, so it poses no greater danger of slips and falls while wearing high heels.


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