By Sarah Morgan

High-heeled shoes are characterized by a heel that is raised significantly higher than the toe. The existence of high-heeled shoes can be found in ancient Egypt, circa 3500 B.C. While poor Egyptian citizens generally went barefoot, some artistic depictions show upper-class Egyptian females wearing rudimentary shoes with high heels. Today, many women wear high heels to work and other social engagements. The noise heels make on hard surfaces can be reduced easily, via a simple duct tape alteration.

Noisy heels can be tamed with duct tape.

Cover Your Heels

Wash heels with soapy water to remove dirt.

Wash the soles of your high heels with soapy water and a washcloth. Set the heels in a sunny location until thoroughly dry.

Duct tape squares should be slightly larger than your heels.

Duct tape is available from most major manufacturers in a wide variety of colors, so you should select the color that is closest to the color of your particular shoe heel. Cut a piece of duct tape into two squares that are about two mm wider than the circumference of each heel. Set the duct tape squares, sticky side up, onto a hard surface.

Pull duct tape up onto the side of each heel.

Place your high heels into the center of each duct tape square. Press down firmly on the shoes until the heels bond with the tape adhesive. Pull the duct tape up over the sides of each heel. The tape will be barely visible to the eye on the sides of the heels, but the small overlap will provide extra hold for the duct tape.

Step 4

Put on your shoes and walk around. If the sound is not muted enough, repeat steps 1 to 3, layering one strip of duct tape over another until your heels are adequately quiet when walking on hard surfaces.