How to Make Green Tea

By LeafTV Editor

Worldwide tea consumption is second only to water. More than 127 million Americans drink the favored beverage on any given day, according to the Tea Association of the USA. Green tea is among the popular varieties of tea that Americans drink on a regular basis. Studies and reports continually tout the health benefits of this popular variety. Green tea has been credited with increasing the body's antioxidant activity and having antibiotic qualities that help fight oral ailments like gum disease and cavities. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of green tea by following the simple steps to make a cup of hot green tea.

tea cup
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How To Make Green Tea


Fill a teakettle with water and place it on a hot stove top to bring to a boil. When the water reaches the ideal temperature, the teakettle will begin to whistle.

Remove any paper envelope or wrapping from the green tea bag and place it in a mug.

Pour the hot water from the teakettle into the mug. Use a spoon to push the tea bag under the water if it does not sink on its own.

Leave the tea bag in the water to steep for 90 seconds to three minutes. Leaving the tea bag in the water for a longer amount of time may result in a stronger tea flavor.

Remove the green tea bag from the mug. Enjoy the tea while it is hot.


  • Sweeten green tea with honey, sugar or artificial sweetener. If you do not have a teakettle, bring water to a boil by placing a microwave safe container of water in the microwave or by heating a saucepan of water on a stove top.