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Tea and coffee are both ancient beverages enjoyed for their rich flavor and stimulating properties. People also appreciate the health benefits these two drinks offer.


Coffee has been around since the 9th Century AD and the history of tea reaches back to 2737 BC, but both coffee and tea were first introduced to England within seven years of each other. Coffee originated in Ethiopia, and tea had its origins in China, Myanmar and India.


Tea and coffee are both trees in their natural state, but are pruned to a smaller size to facilitate harvesting. The leaves of tea are harvested, while the berries of the coffee plant are collected. Both are dried before consumption, but coffee must be roasted as well.


Tea is steeped and coffee is usually brewed. Coffee and tea are both drunk throughout the day, but especially in the morning for their stimulating properties. Both are usually drunk hot, but iced versions of both tea and coffee are also consumed.

Caffeine Content

An average cup of tea has approximately half the caffeine content of coffee.

Health Benefits

Tea contains more antioxidants per cup than coffee, but coffee contains more minerals.