Eye colors seem as varied and complex as a Rembrandt painting. While some eye colors, such as brown and green, can be picked out instantly, others live somewhere between two shades. Gray eyes tend to have a steely blue hue but they can also skew toward hazel. If you have these rare and striking irises, then play up your peepers with some simple eye makeup tricks.

Gray eyes tend toward to the light end of the spectrum, which means they pop even when you are wearing simple daytime makeup. Apply a wash of slightly shimmery rose gold shadow up to the crease. Sweep a little bit of this same shadow along the bottom lash line with an angled brush for a bit of brightening power.

Dip an angled brush into a deep brown matte shadow. Apply the shadow along the upper lash line as close to the lashes as possible to create a warm palette and pump up your lash line. Finish the look with some standard black mascara on the top lashes.

Play up the contrasting palette for a stunning evening makeup look. Sweep a rich terra cotta matte eyeshadow over your eyelid and up to the crease to create depth. Make sure to blend the color completely. Line your top and bottom waterlines with a black waterproof eyeliner pencil.

Follow with a black liquid eyeliner along your top lash line. Use small dash strokes to create a thin, tidy line that plumps up the volume on your lash line. Add some lengthening black mascara to your top and bottom fringe. This palette works beautifully on blondes and brunettes alike: The warm palette creates a beachy evening glow which plays off blond hair and complements the warm tones of brown and black tresses.


To further emphasize the coolness of your eyes, opt for a warm peach blush, which works with nearly every skin tone. The warm palette will pop against your gray eyes.

Another way to play up the stunning nature of gray eyes is to create a monochromatic palette for evenings out. Apply a matte slate gray eyeshadow along your lid and up to the crease. Add a rich navy shadow along the crease using a clean brush and a windshield wiper motion to create smoky depth.


Punch up blond and gray tresses by using more navy in your smoky eye colors. If you have warm brown or dark red tresses, go with a deep terra cotta color for a warm, smoky eye.

Line your bottom lash line with the same navy eyeshadow you used on your crease. Use an angled brush to apply the color as close to your lashes as possible. Line your top lash line with a very deep navy or black liquid liner. Flick the liner up and out at the corner of the eye for a slightly retro style. Apply some black, volumizing mascara to your top lashes for added drama.