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Glow-in-the-dark lip gloss is a great way to stand out. Glow-in-the-dark cream makeup is used as a base for your lip gloss, this can be purchased in most joke or party stores. Using a homemade preparation will allow you to tailor the intensity of the glow effect and sheer finish that you require for your lip gloss.

Squeeze 1 tsp. glow-in-the-dark cream into your plastic container. If a larger volume of glow-in-the-dark lip gloss is required, increase the amounts accordingly, ensuring equal parts are used throughout.

Add 1 tsp. petroleum jelly and a pea-sized amount of moisturizing cream and blend well using a spoon. Make sure the lip gloss is thoroughly mixed to ensure an even finish.

Apply mixture evenly to clean, dry lips using a cotton swab.


Always ensure any glow in the dark creams are suitable for use on the face.