Beautiful female with red glittery lips close up

Making your own glitter lip gloss puts a frugal spin on a glamorous product. Who doesn't want to look gorgeous and still keep some money in their pocket? With homemade glitter gloss you know that the ingredients are toxin free and cruelty free because you made it yourself. When you create your own glitter lip gloss, you are making a statement that you are someone who wants to look good and still cares about the environment. To start, you can use stuff you may have lying around the house or you can opt for a more natural gloss made with beeswax.

Glitter Girl Gloss

Mix the petroleum jelly and the drink mix in a small bowl until blended.

Sprinkle in the glitter, just a little at a time until you are happy with the glittery look of your lip gloss.

If desired, add a drop or two of the food coloring until you get the color you want.

Test a some on your lips to make sure you are satisfied with the look and taste of the gloss.

Using a small spoon, transfer the gloss to the container. Pack it down and seal.

Sweet as Honey Shimmer Gloss

Warm the beeswax, honey and shea butter in the microwave. Only run the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds at a time and stir often. Checking vigilantly to be sure that you are not overheating the ingredients.

Mix the almond oil in with the honey, beeswax and shea butter. Stir until all ingredients are combined.

Add 3 drops of oil from the vitamin E capsule. Vitamin E will help to preserve the gloss and is beneficial to your lips.

Sprinkle a little glitter into the mix until you are happy with the shimmer of the gloss.

Add food coloring, a drop at a time if you desire.

Once the mixture has cooled a little, test it on your finger to be sure you are content with the shimmer and color of your gloss.

Pour the mixture into your container and set it aside to firm.


  • If you use a recycled container for your glitter lip gloss, remove all traces of the original product. Clean and sterilize it either by boiling it or cleaning it out with rubbing alcohol. Think about going organic with the ingredients that you use for your lip gloss. Your health food store or an online herb shop will carry organic products for your lip gloss. The beeswax and shea butter gloss with have a firmer texture than the petroleum gloss.