How to Make Fruit Alcohol

By LeafTV Editor

Making alcohol from fruit sugars is a fairly easy and straightforward process. Making your own alcohol at home can save you money and produce some of the best alcohol you may have tasted in a long time. Homemade wine from fruit concentrate is perhaps the easiest home brewing project to undertake and is relatively foolproof. Gather the ingredients and prepare to enjoy your own homemade wine.

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How To Make Fruit Alcohol


Mix the sugar, yeast, juice concentrate and water in an pan and then transfer the mixture to the milk jug. Poke two to three small holes in the balloon and then slide the ballown over the opening of the jug.

Set the balloon-capped jug in a cool dry place and monitor it every few days or so. The balloon should expand and allow carbon dioxide out of the small pin prick holes but keep air from entering the jug.

Uncap the jug after the balloon either returns to normal size or does not get any bigger for several days. The entire process normally takes around six weeks. Pour the wine mixture through the coffee filters into the clean wine bottles and then securely cork the bottles. Open and enjoy at your leisure.


  • You can use boiled and crushed whole fruits such as grapes and blueberries in lieu of using fruit juice concentrate.