How to Make Frayed Cut-Off Jean Shorts

By Taylor DiVico

Turning old jeans or jeans that are not tailored correctly into frayed cut-off jean shorts offers a way to recycle your clothing by creating a new look without spending money. Making frayed cut-off jean shorts is a do-it-yourself project that provides a trendy distressed look for your shorts as the end result. Frayed cut-offs pair with an array of shirt styles and shoes, offering a fashion option for casual occasions during the warmer months.


Step 1

Try on the jeans that you plan on making into jean shorts. Mark the length at which you want to cut your jeans, using a washable marker.

Step 2

Take your jeans off and place them on an ironing board. Iron the front, back, waistline and inseams of the jeans to ensure even lines prior to cutting the material.

Step 3

Place your scissors at the spot you marked. Cut a line straight across one leg of the jeans.

Step 4

Fold the cut leg of the jeans onto the uncut leg, making sure the waistband lines up evenly. Cut the other leg of the jeans at the same length as the first side.

Step 5

Try your cut-off jeans shorts on. Look in the mirror to make sure both legs of your shorts end are the same length. Trim the legs of the shorts to make them the same length or further shorten, if necessary.

Step 6

Put the jean shorts in the washing machine alone, so fraying does not affect other articles of clothing. Set the machine to a cold temperature to prevent shrinking. Wash the jean shorts on high to promote fraying.

Step 7

Dry your cut-off jean shorts on permanent press for 15 minutes to prevent the denim material from shrinking. Take your cut-offs out of the dryer. Cut or trim the frayed edges for your desired look.