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If your flats are a little large, use a few tricks to improve their fit. Wash canvas or cotton flats in hot water to shrink them. Add a pair of comfy shoe liners to take up excess space, or pair your flats with socks or thick winter tights to make the fit more snug. In a pinch, line your flats with some newspaper to make them fit better.

Tips for Better Fit

Next time you buy a pair of fabulous flats, make sure there's a little room between your big toe and the end of the shoe -- ideally a distance equal to the width of your thumb. Try on shoes at the same time of day you're likely to wear them, as your feet swell during the day, according to podiatrist Steve Rosenberg in the "Huffington Post." Avoid flats that show lots of toe cleavage, as they may cause bunions by rubbing against key points on the foot. Flats with cushioned insoles provide more support and a soft leather upper will mold to your feet.

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