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Long and lush eyelashes are the desire of many men and women. An illness or harsh eye makeup products are only a couple of the contributing factors to eyelash loss. Many individuals do their best to take care of their eyelashes, so when an accident happens or her eyelashes get damaged, it can be devastating. It is important to know that there are things you can do to encourage eyelash growth and speed up the process.

Take your vitamins. Making sure you are eating healthfully and getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need will help your eyelashes grow quicker. The same vitamins and minerals that encourage regular hair growth will also help with eyelash growth. Take either a multivitamin geared toward hair growth or supplements of fish oil, biotin or B vitamins.

Limit the use of harsh eye makeup products. Although eye makeup can dramatically improve your look, it also takes a toll on eyelashes. Mascara is the prime culprit. To minimize damage, use a gentle mascara that can easily be removed. Stay away from waterproof mascara. Although it lasts longer, it is notorious for being difficult to remove and for damaging eyelashes.

Apply an eyelash treatment at night. Find an eyelash treatment that you like and apply it religiously every night. You can opt for either an over-the-counter treatment such as Revitalash or a prescription treatment such as Latisse. Before you apply the treatment, remove all eye makeup and cleanse your face. Continue with the rest of your nighttime regime, and finish by applying the treatment.

Keep your stress levels low. High stress levels are known to wreak havoc on an individual's health. In addition, stress is known to result in poor nutrition, which leads to hair loss. This includes your eyelashes. You can keep stress levels low by working out regularly at a gym and taking a timeout when you feel overwhelmed. Your eyelashes will thank you.

Condition your lashes. Just as you condition your hair to maintain shine and softness, you also must condition your eyelashes. There are a variety of options on the market. However, the cheapest and simplest option is pure olive oil. If you're not going out, apply a light layer of oil to your eyelashes. This will condition them and give them a lustrous sheen.


Go without eye makeup whenever you can. This will give your eyelashes a break and encourage growth.


Don't rub your eyes when you're wearing mascara. Doing so causes breakage and further eyelash damage.

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