There are so many times when you have a great pair of jeans that get destroyed on the bottom or acquire a stain. Hold onto them to turn them into your best fitting distressed denim shorts!

Things You'll Need

Draw a line with chalk along the pant leg to guide your cut. Make sure you leave a few inches below the crotch seam and cut at an upward angle so it wears evenly.

Cut leg along the line and place on the other pant leg.

Re-trace the cut with chalk so that both sides will be evenly cut.

Use your hands or tweezers to pull and fray the bottoms. You can fray as much or little as you like. Optional: Spray with fray check to prevent further fraying.

Lift the pant leg up and either slide a piece of cardboard underneath or hold the fabric suspended in the air. Make horizontal slices in the denim a quarter to a half inch apart.

Using your tweezers pull white strands out and apart to create distressed patches. Repeat as desired. You can do short multiple stokes for the distressed lines along the sides.

You can distress the back pockets as well and add more as you go along.

Wear your homemade distressed denim shorts all summer long.