Tattooist artist creating a tattoo with blue ink

Tattoos are a form of self-expression and art. They often represent a person's organizations, loves and family. While black ink is distinctive and sharp, colored ink can add a whole new dimension to the display on ones body and symbolize things beyond the capacity of simple black ink.

Mix together 1/2 quart of witch hazel, a tablespoon of glycerin and one tablespoon of propylene glycol. Mix well until the liquid is purely clear. Find a clean blender that has either been sterilized or never used. Set it up and plug it in.

Dump one cup of powdered pigment into the blender. Add the liquid mixture to the blender. Blend on a low speed for about 15 minutes. Turn off the blender and check the consistency. It should be a mushy mess. Add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of dye. The amount depends on the brightness and shade of the selected color that you would like. Regular clothing dye works fine.

Blend the mixture on a medium level speed for a full hour. You can stop the blender every 15 minutes or so and see how the color is looking. If you want to add more dye, to darker or brighten the color, or add a whole different color, do so in the first half hour of mixing so the dye will still have time to thoroughly work into the pigment mixture.

Get out some clean bottles with good, solid lids. Place a funnel in the bottle's opening and pour the mixture in. You should do this over a covered surface. Put down some rags before you begin pouring in case it spills over or is accidentally knocked over. The ink will stain many surfaces so it's best to be safe and prepare ahead of time.

Place a clean ball bearing in the container then put the lid on and close the bottle. The ball bearing will help the ink mix more effectively when shaken after sitting on a shelf over time. Store in a cool, dark place. That's it, have fun and good luck!


  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat