By Pamela Gardapee

While many people consider tattoos to be a work of art, some do not. Many businesses require employees to cover tattoos during work hours to create a more professional appearance. For your wedding or other special occasions, you may want to cover the tattoo during the ceremony and for the photographs. Choose makeup products that blend well with your skin tone but don't rub off easily.

Restaurants often require waitstaff to cover hand tattoos as well as remove any piercings.

Step 1

Wash your hands with soap and water. Dry your hands completely.

Step 2

Select a waterproof concealer that best matches your skin tone. Mix two colors together if necessary to get an exact match of your hand skin color.

Step 3

Dab the applicator sponge in the waterproof concealer and then on the tattoo. The object is to neutralize the colors in the tattoo so it won't show through the concealer. When you have enough concealer to cover the tattoo, start smoothing out the edges so it feathers out around the tattoo and blends naturally with the rest of the hand.

Step 4

Use the applicator brush to apply foundation-setting powder. Don't worry if you get too much powder on the concealer. You can shake off the brush and lightly tickle the area with the brush edges to remove any loose powder.

Step 5

Spray the area with the professional barrier spray to set the concealer and powder. The spray helps to set the makeup and preserve it. The tattoo is now covered. You will not see any colors peaking through the concealer until you wash off the concealer with soap.