How to Make Cocoa Butter

By LeafTV Editor

Cocoa butter is a byproduct of the chocolate making process and is an extremely stable fat. When used on the skin it moisturizes and repairs damage from extreme weather. It is especially useful for the hands and feet as both areas tend to get dry quickly. While cocoa butter lotions and creams on the market are rather expensive producing cocoa butter lotions at home is a much better alternative.

Jar of Cocoa Butter with Wooden Spoon
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How To Make Cocoa Butter


Mix 1 oz. of beeswax with 1 oz. of cocoa butter over a double burner. Continuously stir the mix until it melts together. Alternatively you can heat the items together in a microwave. Heat the mixture for 30-second increments until the products are melted. After each increment of heat take out the bowl and stir the mix for even heating. As the concoction begins to melt lower the heating increments to 15 seconds each to ensure the ingredients do not burn.

Add 1 oz. of almond oil into the melted concoction and stir until the ingredients are well mixed. You may use a blender to mix together the ingredients but a spoon works just as well. Mixing will take roughly two minutes by hand.

Before the lotion begins to set, put it into the jar you have chosen. It is easier to spoon the mixture into a jar than try and dump it in. The lotion will begin to set into a thick cream shortly after mixing.

Using an adhesive label and a marker, label and date the cream accordingly. Place it in the refrigerator. The lotion will last approximately one to two weeks.