How to make clear ice cubes

By Jessica Briggs

For most everyday beverages, the regular cloudy white ice cubes that come from your ice cube trays or refrigerator ice-maker are perfectly fine. However, sometimes you want a fancier looking cube, perhaps for floating in a punch bowl or in highball glasses at your next cocktail party. The slower the water freezes, the less cloudy the ice cubes will be -- but using filtered or distilled water also helps with the clarity of the ice.

Clear ice cubes can impress your guests with your attention to detail.

Step 1

Boil the filtered or distilled water in a kettle. Fill it so you can make as much ice as possible. You can filter your own water in ahome filtering device, such as a filter pitcher or faucet attachment, or simply purchase distilled water at your local grocery.

Step 2

Pour the boiling water into the silicone ice cube trays. Use silicone rather than plastic trays -- silicone is a more heat-resistant material, and boiling water can melt plastic. The boiling water slows the freezing process, and this combined with the filtration process allows the ice to release any trapped air bubbles, which are the main cause of the cloudiness of regular ice.

Step 3

Place the trays in your freezer and allow to freeze.