How to Release JELL-O From a Silicone Tray

By LeafTV Editor

In general, it's easier to remove food from silicone trays. Any shape of silicone tray works for JELL-O. When JELL-O sticks to the trays or molds containing them, it can rip. After JELL-O rips, you can't repair it. It will then lose its shape. Only remove the JELL-O when it's completely cooled and formed. Removing the JELL-O before it's done causes a liquidly mess.

jello cubes
credit: QUAYSIDE/iStock/GettyImages
How To Release Jell O From A Silicone Tray


Put a sink topper in a sink to close the drain.

Fill the sink with two inches of hot water.

Hold the bottom of the silicone tray containing the Jell-O in the water for 20 seconds. Do not completely submerge the tray.

Turn the silicone tray upside down over a plate. The JELL-O will slide out onto the plate.