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Making wine is a project that you have to do far before the need for the wine arises. So if you are planning a party for this weekend, you will need to buy your wine. Wine-making in its simplest form is easy and very inexpensive. However, you will not attain the flavor or fine wines from wineries. The easiest wine to make is referred to as balloon wine. This wine takes few ingredients and a little time to prepare, and a month or so to be ready to drink.

Pour thawed juice concentrate into a clean gallon jug using a funnel. You can use an old milk or water jug. Add the water and place the lid on the jug. Shake the jug to mix the juice and the water.

Place the funnel back on the jug and add the sugar. Quickly place the lid back on the jug and shake to mix the sugar. You don't want the sugar to sink and settle at the bottom of the jug. Shake for a couple of minutes to make sure the sugar is mixed well.

Hydrate the yeast by placing some warm water in a bowl and pouring the yeast in it. Don't mix the yeast, just allow it to soak up the water for about half an hour. Add 2 tsp. of sugar to the yeast and stir. The yeast should start to foam; once it foams up to about a half inch, it is time to add to the juice.

Pour the yeast into the jug and shake it up again. Make sure to get the yeast mixed into the juice well. Take the lid off the jug and put it where it will not get thrown away. You will need to use it later.

Poke five or six tiny holes in the top of your balloon. Place the balloon over the mouth of the jug and, to better hold it on, wrap a rubber band around the balloon. Tuck the balloon down inside the jug.

Place the jug on a shelf or in a pantry where it will be warm and not have to be moved. Check on it the next day to see if the balloon has started to inflate. You should also notice bubbles coming to the surface and the sound of the gases being released from the small holes in the balloon.

Leave the jug for about two weeks or until the balloon deflates most of the way. Then transfer the jug to your refrigerator and leave it there until the balloon is totally deflated. Take the balloon off at this point and put the lid back on.

Let the wine cool for a few days and then, using a funnel with a coffee filter in it, transfer the wine into another jug or bottles and place the lids on them. The wine is ready to drink but the flavor will continue to improve for months if you don't drink it right away.