How to Make Cabbage Juice

By Zora Hughes

When it comes to juicing, cabbage isn't on the list of most widely juiced veggies, but it is packed with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. It also has mild flavor when juiced that makes it excellent for mixing with fruit juices or juice from other vegetables. Both red and green varieties of cabbage can be juiced. If you have a juicer, it's a cinch to extract cabbage juice, but you don't really need one as long as you've got a good blender.


Using a Juicer Machine

Remove and discard the first layer of outer leaves on your cabbage. Cut the cabbage into quarters using a sharp chef's knife on a clean cutting board.

Rinse each section of cabbage thoroughly under cool running water, making sure to run water through all the crevices to remove any dirt.

Cut the cabbage into smaller sections if needed to fit into the chute of your juicer.

Prepare your juicer per the instructions on your specific unit.

Push the cabbage pieces through the juicer chute, one by one. The juice should come out of the spout and into a large cup or glass. Serve as is, or combine with fresh fruit juice or vegetable juice, along with sweeteners such as honey or agave, to your taste.

Blender Method

Coarsely chop washed cabbage into small chunks and place in a blender. Add a few splashes of water or any fruit juice of your choice.

Blend the cabbage until it liquefies into a watery puree. You may need to stop the blender every now and then to get all the chunks blended well.

Lay two pieces of cheesecloth down on the counter, one on top of the other. Fold both in half so that you have four layers of cheesecloth.

Cover a large bowl with the folded cheesecloth, so that the edges hang over the bowl. Pour the cabbage puree into the bowl.

Gather the cheesecloth edges together over the bowl and lift with one hand. Use your other hand to gently squeeze cabbage juice from the cheesecloth. Squeeze until only pulp remains in the cheesecloth.

Transfer the bowl of cabbage juice to a pitcher and mix with any fruit and/or vegetable you prefer and sweeteners to your taste.