How to Stop Cut Up Apples & Pears From Turning Brown

By Alan Sembera

Sliced apples and pears make a healthy snack. But, after a few hours, the slices turn brown, which make them less appetizing. The problem can be easily remedied by applying a mild acidic solution to the apples using natural ingredients, such as citrus juice. Citrus juice contains antioxidants, which slows the oxidation process that turns the fruit brown. You can even use lemon-lime soda or honey, which both contain enough antioxidants to prevent the browning.

sliced pear wedges
squeezing half a lemon

Prepare a mild acidic solution. Many people simply squeeze a lemon, orange or grapefruit into a bowl of cold water. You also can add pineapple juice or cider vinegar to the water, depending on your flavor preference. Use about 1/4 cup of juice per quart of water. Another option is to fill the bowl with lemon-lime flavored soda or apple juice. Both of these have enough acidity to stop the browning process.

sliced pear wedges in bowl

Soak the apple or pear slices in the solution for a couple of minutes.

drying pear wedges

Remove the fruit slices and pat them dry with a towel.

plastic wrap pear wedges

Seal the slices in plastic wrap if you want them to last even longer. The less air that comes into contact with the slices, the longer they will keep their original color.