By Andrew Smith

Cut lemon slices add an extra zest to a variety of food dishes and drinks. Storing the slices properly keeps the pieces fresh for up to one week after cutting the lemon. The exact method you use for storing the pieces depends on how long you plan on waiting before utilizing the cut-up lemon in a food or drink recipe. Regardless of the storage method, the slices are just as good as freshly cut lemon pieces.

Keep lemon slices fresh either in or out of a refrigerator

Step 1

Place the lemon slices inside an airtight bag or plastic container.

Step 2

Leave the cut lemons on a table, counter or other room temperature location if you plan on using the slices over the next few days. Sliced lemons stay good at room temperature for roughly one to three days.

Step 3

Put the lemons inside of the "Crisper" or "Fruits/Vegetable" drawer inside the refrigerator. The Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education website states that cut lemons last for three to five days when refrigerated in this manner.