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Flats, regardless of the price or brand, can cause discomfort due to a variety of reasons. Before tossing them out in the give-away pile, consider trying to make them more comfortable. Flats are typically the go-to shoe for women who want a stylish alternative to high heels or tennis shoes. They come in a variety of styles that include peep-toe, pointy toe and round toe. While not every style of flat will feel good on your feet, it is worth trying a few tricks to get your flats to the comfort level you desire.

Wear the flats around your house for a day or two. This will help to break them in and allow you to remove them easily if they become uncomfortable. If possible, put on a pair of thick socks and wear with the shoes. This will help stretch them out if they are slightly small.

Rub an anti-friction lotion or gel onto the backs of your ankles to create a protective barrier. The lotions and gels are made by a variety of different manufacturing companies. Simply rub the lotion or gel onto the backs of your ankles, wait five minutes and wear the shoe.

Place a small bandage along the back of the shoe if it rubs against the back of your ankle. The bandage will provide a small cushion so the back does not cut into your skin. Replace the bandage as needed.

Insert gel insoles to the flats to add comfort to the balls of your feet. The gel insoles are found at major retailers and come in different sizes to accommodate different sizes of feet. Once you purchase the right size, fit them inside the shoe and remove the sticky backing. Press the sole into the bottom of the shoe and hold for 30 seconds. Slide your foot into the shoe.

Add arch supports to the inside of the shoes to help with foot pain. Some flat shoes will have zero padding in the bottom of the shoes, which may cause discomfort. Arch supports can be found at medical supply companies or drug stores.


If you already have a blister or sore on your foot, wait until it heals before applying an anti-friction lotion or gel. Try going up one size in ballet flats to allow for added padding and foot movement.