By Shefali Choudhury

A defined almond eye shape is the starting point for all Asian character looks. Creating these simple eyes lends authenticity to basic outfits, such as those for martial arts costumes. Adorning eyes with glitter, lashes and color completes theatrical attire. From geisha girls and Madam Butterfly to belly dancers, eyes are always the key focus to perfectly complement any Asian character costume. You can create Asian eyes with regular makeup bag staples, from natural to smoky and dramatic.

Asian costumes suit dramatic eyes.

Step 1

Apply eye base from lashes to brow. You need to blend this well in a fine, even layer to give the visual effect of slightly flattening the eye socket and highlighting eye shape.

Step 2

Blend a light-colored, matte eye shadow over the whole eye area, from lashes to brow, to further lighten the eye socket. Use a soft, fat brush so that there are no harsh lines of product around the eye.

Simple liner helps create an almond eye shape

Sweep liquid liner along the top lash line, close to lashes. Extend this outward to create the illusion of an almond eye shape. Men could use an eye pencil for a softer, less made-up look.

Step 4

Use a single coat of black mascara to define top lashes only, sweeping them outwards when applying the product.

Step 5

Comb brows into a neat, slanted shape. Pluck any stray hairs to give a clean line.

Darkening brows accentuates almond eyes

Darken brows, if necessary, using a little black eye shadow combed through with a firm-bristle brow brush. You can also shape brows with the shadow and make them more slanted or angular.

Step 7

Fix brows by sweeping clear brow gel though them. This adds clean definition and ensures that your costume makeup lasts.