egyptian drawings image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.com

In ancient Egypt, headdresses were a fashion accessory for many aristocrats, pharaohs and emperors. Egyptians not only wore this accessory for decoration, but also to display power, to protect themselves from the heat and for ceremonial events. Ancient Egyptian headdresses were made in a variety of styles; the most common included a head cloth and a gold headband. Images of King Tut often feature the head cloth, while the headband is often associated with Cleopatra. Ancient Egyptians often used headbands to hold their wigs in place.

Ancient Egyptian Headband

Purchase two different rolls of decorative trimming from a fabric store in the ribbon section. Select two different-shaped trims: one wide, preferably with a curvy or wiggly look, and, for the second roll, choose a thinner, straighter trimming.

Place both pieces of decorative trimming on the center of your forehead and wrap around the back of your head. Add about 1 inch at the back of your head and then mark the spot with your finger. Remove the decorative trimming and cut the trimming where you marked it.

Center the thin band of decorative trimming on top of the wide band of trimming. Sew or stitch the two together.

Measure the length from your forehead to your shoulders and cut four strands of beads to that length. Stitch or glue two strands of beads to the left underside of the decorative trimmings. Glue or stitch two more strands of beads to the right underside of the decorative trimmings.

Put on the headdress by placing the middle on the center of your forehead and wrapping it around your head. Attach the back together using bobby pins. Hang the strands of beads in your hair at both sides of your head.

Ancient Egyptian Head Cloth

Cut a square from a striped flat bedsheet. For children, cut the square approximately 29 by 29 inches. For adults, cut an approximate 35-by-35 inch square.

Shape aluminum foil into a snake by twisting the foil and then molding it into an "S" shape with a pointed tip. Spray the aluminum foil snake shape with gold spray paint.

Cut a piece of decorative trimming that is approximately 1 inch longer than the circumference of your head.

Staple the bottom of the aluminum snake so that it sticks upward to the center of the decorative trimming.

Place the fabric on your head by centering it at the crown of your head and leaving the face open. Hang the fabric on each side of your face, past your shoulders. Wrap the decorative trimming and aluminum snake across your forehead to the back of your head. Use bobby pins to hold it in place at the back of your head.


Use spray paint in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Wear a mask.