How to Make a Tunic Top Out of a T-Shirt

By Melissa Busse

Tunics of many types, worn throughout history, continue to show up in modern fashion trends; they are found in many styles, colors and fabrics. While tunic tops are available for purchase at most clothing stores, you can also make them at home. If you have a large t-shirt that you no longer wear, consider transforming it into a stylish tunic top. This easy-to-make tunic requires no sewing and uses only minimal supplies.

Any solid colored t-shirt is easily turned into a stylish tunic.

Step 1

Select a very large, solid colored t-shirt for this project. Turn the shirt upside down and step both legs into the t-shirt through the neck hole. Pull the shirt up until the neck hole reaches the tops of your legs and turn the shirt so that the front of the shirt faces the front.

Step 2

Locate the sleeves of the t-shirt and bring them around to the front of your legs. Pull them tightly together, and tie them into a knot. Tie the knot together once more, creating a more secure double knot.

Step 3

Step out of the t-shirt and lay the shirt onto a flat surface, with the knotted side facing up. Locate the end of the t-shirt opposite from the knot, and draw a circle that measures six-inches in diameter. This circle will become the neck hole for the tunic, and should be placed about two-inches from the hem of the t-shirt.

Step 4

Cut out the circle you drew. Place the hole over your head to ensure it fits. If needed, cut the circle larger in order to create more space for your head.

Step 5

Lay the tunic onto a flat surface and locate the center of the back portion of the newly-created neck hole. Cut through this section of fabric, in order to create two straps that will enable you to tie the shirt behind your neck.