How to Make a Stole

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A stole, or a shawl as it is also called, is an essential evening accessory for any woman. It is knitted or sewn and it is thrown over the shoulders to keep the chill of the evening away. Wrap the stole over the shoulders to give a sophisticated cover to an evening dress. Finish this stole in half an hour with no pattern necessary.

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How To Make A Stole

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Measure, mark and cut black Merino wool material into a 36-inch-by-72-inch rectangle. Repeat with slipper satin.

Pin the right sides together and stitch three sides of the rectangle together. Turn right sides out and steam the satin.

Turn the raw edges of the wool and satin inside and hand stitch the seam closed.

Cut the fringe in half and pin it to the ends of the stole. Hand stitch in place and turn the raw edges under on either side. Steam the stole lightly. Wrap it over an elegant evening dress.


  • Embellish the edge of the fringe with rhinestones for a more decorative look.