How to Make a Pumpkin Facial Mask

By LeafTV Editor

Pumpkin is loaded with good things for the skin and you don't have to wait for Autumn to enjoy its benefits. Using canned pumpkin puree works just as well in facial mask recipes as does a pumpkin fresh from the patch. Either way, pumpkin has lots of Vitamin A and enzymes to help nourish and brighten the complexion.

Homemade pumpkin cosmetic mask
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How To Make A Pumpkin Facial Mask


Adding Papaya

Mix a 15 oz. can of pumpkin puree with 1 beaten egg.

Peel and mash a fresh papaya, discarding the seeds, to create 2/3 cup of pulp.

Stir into the pumpkin-egg mixture and combine well, making sure to eliminate lumps. For extra smoothness, put mixture into a blender or food processor until a creamy paste forms.

Pat facial onto clean skin of face and neck, leaving on for 20 minutes. Rinse off mask in the shower or use warm water and a wash cloth.

Adding Egg and Milk

Take 1 medium slice of fresh pumpkin and remove the skin.

Cut up into small chunks and puree in a blender or food processor until smooth and free of lumps.

Add 1 egg yolk and 2/3 cup milk. Blend again until egg is well incorporated.

Apply the mixture to cleansed face and neck skin, keeping away from the eye area. Leave this facial on for 30 minutes before removing with warm water.

Adding Apples, Honey, Powdered Milk

Peel and cut into chunks a small slice of fresh pumpkin.

Add a peeled and cored apple, also cut into chunks. Puree in a blender or food processor to make a smooth paste.

Add 1 tbsp. honey and 2 tbsp. powdered milk. Mix well to create a rich texture.

After cleansing the face and neck, pat the facial onto skin and relax for 15 minutes. Rinse off mask in the shower or with warm water, using a wash cloth.

Adding Almonds and Honey

Grind up 12 almonds in a food processor or coffee grinder until texture is more fine than rough, but not powdery.

Add 1/4 cup honey and 1/8 tsp. olive oil and blend well.

Mix in 8 oz. of canned pumpkin puree, stirring enough to combine all ingredients.

After cleansing face and neck, smooth the facial over the skin, working away from the eyes. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse in the shower or with a warm water splash.

Adding Egg Whites, Honey, Yogurt

Cook enough fresh pumpkin, without skin and seeds, to make 1/2 cup of pulp.

Cool and mash with a fork. Mix with 1 whipped egg white, blending well to incorporate egg and remove most of the lumps.

Add 1 tbsp. honey, 2 tbsp. plain yogurt and 2 tbsp. ground oatmeal. Use a coffee grinder or food processor to grind the oats.

Mix all ingredients well into a thick consistency.

Cleanse face and neck and pat the facial paste onto the skin, excluding the eye area. After 10 minutes, remove with a warm wash cloth and rinse skin with cool water.