How to Make a Natural Roach Repellent

By LeafTV Contributor

A Roach is by far one of the most detested creatures we can find in our home. We spend a lot of money on pest control each year, much of it to get rid of roaches. There are less expensive and more eco-friendly green ways to repel roaches. Natural roach repellents made with essential oils are one of those ways. This method of making roach repellents is generally considered the safest of the natural alternatives, including the use of boric acid.

Make a Natural Roach Repellent

Take a standard size plastic spray bottle and fill with the following mixture. 1 cup water 1 Tsp. Salt 20 drops Peppermint essential oil 10 drops Cypress essential oil Shake well.

Spray the solution around the floor boards, inside cabinets, and around places of roach and insect entry into your house. It will repel the roaches naturally, and is safe.

Another alternative to spraying in your house, especially in those locations where you have seen more than one roach, is to soak a cedar chip in the roach repellent you made. Take the cedar chips and place them in the corners and cabinets where you have seen the most roach activity.