How to Make a Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

By LeafTV Contributor

Concerned about resistant bacteria to hand sanitizers that are currently on the market? Try this recipe to make a natural antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Step 1

Start your natural hand sanitizer by choosing a container of your choice. This recipe will work in plastic squeeze bottles, or mini spray bottles. Look for these in the travel accessories area of health and beauty departments.

Step 2

Use the following recipe--- 2 parts aloe gel (NOT juice). 1 part distilled water (NOT tap). 1 part grain alcohol-vodka (NOT isopropyl). 4-5 drops essential oil of choice (NOT fragrance oils). Hint: tea tree is a great antibacterial and one of the best essential oils to add to a hand sanitizer recipe.

Step 3

Mix all ingredients in glass bowl (preferably) with a plastic spoon. I don't use metal dishes or utensils because of potential reactions with the essential oils. Pour your aromatherapy hand sanitizer into plastic containers. You can add less water if you prefer a thicker product.