Concerned about resistant bacteria to hand sanitizers that are currently on the market? Try this recipe to make a natural antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Things You'll Need

Start your natural hand sanitizer by choosing a container of your choice. This recipe will work in plastic squeeze bottles, or mini spray bottles. Look for these in the travel accessories area of health and beauty departments.

Use the following recipe—
2 parts aloe gel (NOT juice).
1 part distilled water (NOT tap).
1 part grain alcohol-vodka (NOT isopropyl).
4-5 drops essential oil of choice (NOT fragrance oils). Hint: tea tree is a great antibacterial and one of the best essential oils to add to a hand sanitizer recipe.

Mix all ingredients in glass bowl (preferably) with a plastic spoon. I don’t use metal dishes or utensils because of potential reactions with the essential oils. Pour your aromatherapy hand sanitizer into plastic containers. You can add less water if you prefer a thicker product.


  • Essential oils are nearly all anti-microbial. I use tea tree and lemon for the hand sanitizer recipe that I market in my massage office. When using both, add 4 drops each or to your own preference. Oils can be found in any natural foods store.

  • Aloe gel is used as a thickening agent and moisturizer. It is found in natural food stores. Grain alcohol is a sanitizer without the smell of isopropyl alcohol. Found anywhere; hint: don’t spring for the expensive stuff ! Distilled water will allow a more clear product without the mineral content of other types. Found in the grocery store.

  • Lavender oil is also a good choice to blend with tea tree.