Stack of clean washcloths on wooden table in bathroom.

Ice is an effective remedy for immediate injuries, but heat can also help alleviate aches and pains. Moist heating pads can feel relaxing on sore muscles and also calm the nerves. You don't need a professional spa or a fancy store-bought pad. A moist heating pad can easily be made with items found in your home.

Heating Pad Steps

Dampen an entire washcloth with tap water. Douse it under the faucet and then wring out the excess water.

Heat the dampened washcloth in a microwave on the high setting for 1 1/2 minutes.

Remove the heated washcloth from the microwave and fold it lengthways in half.

Place the heated and folded washcloth at the bottom of a one-gallon plastic bag. Fold the excess top portion of the bag underneath the wrapped washcloth to seal in the heat.

Place the bag containing the washcloth at one lengthways end of an opened bath towel.

Gently wrap the bag inside the bath towel as if you were rolling fillings inside a taco. Halfway through, tuck in the corners on the peripheral sides of the bag holding the washcloth and continue rolling the bath towel until there is no more cloth remaining.

Place the heat pad on the desired body spot.

When finished using your heat pad, unroll the washcloth bag from the bath towel and let the washcloth hang to dry to discourage mildew from forming.


  • You can reheat a heating pad by unrolling the large towel, removing the washcloth from the plastic bag, redampening the washcloth and heating it again in the microwave for an additional minute.