For people who have never had a Mohawk hairstyle, they can certainly be a source of awe. Common questions asked of people who have Mohawks include "How do you get it to stand up like that?" "Can you change your shirt?" and "Can I touch your hair?" The actual difficulty of maintaining a Mohawk depends on your length and type of hair, but it is generally doable.

Get the Right Cut

Make sure your hair is cut into a Mohawk style. The classic Mohawk involves shaving the head on both sides, leaving a thin strip of hair all the way down the middle of the head. This strip of hair should be pretty much the same length all over, or your Mohawk will look weird when it's up.

Choose a product to use on your hair. Some people are able to maintain Mohawks with only powerful hairspray, but this is tough, and may be impossible for longer mohawks. The classic product for making a Mohawk stand up is plain old school glue, like Elmer's. Make sure your glue is nontoxic and water soluble.

Choose your clothes carefully, especially if you have long hair. Once your Mohawk is up you may have trouble putting on or removing shirts over your head. Consider this carefully, especially because putting a Mohawk up can be a lot of work, and you may want to try to keep it for several days. Button-up or large-necked shirts can be a good choice for this reason. Keep in mind that you may get glue on your shirt, so you might want to cover it up with something while you work on your hair.

Put enough product in your hair to get it wet all over.

Start at the front of your hair. Lie down on your side with the part of your hair that you are working on spread out on the cardboard, stretching it as far up and away from your head as possible. Blow your hair dry in this position, adding more glue as necessary (this is where a friend comes in handy).

Carefully peel your hair off of the cardboard when it's totally dry. Move on and repeat the same process with the next section of hair, overlapping a bit with the part you've already done.

Be careful of your hairstyle. Touch it as little as possible, and don't get it wet! If you want to save it for a few days, try to sleep on your side. You can make minor repairs by adding more glue and spot drying.