Kryptonite may bring Superman to his knees, but it also makes for a flavorful shooter with a bit of a kick. The combination of spicy Schnapps and sweet melon liqueur blends into a smooth, easily downed drink. Kryptonite is designed as a flaming shooter, so it does require a high-proof alcohol floater on top. Strong 151 proof rum works well, but you can substitute a lower-proof spiced rum to add depth to the flavor if you don’t plan to ignite the drink.

Things You'll Need

Fill a drink shaker 3/4 full with ice for one drink, or halfway for two drinks. Use whole cubes as opposed to crushed ice, which makes straining easier later.

Measure 3 parts melon liqueur and 2 parts each of peppermint and cinnamon Schnapps into the shaker. For example, use ¾ ounce melon liqueur and ½ ounce each of the Schnapps for a 2-ounce shooter. Double the amount for two drinks. The melon liqueur provides the green color that helps this drink earn its name.

Cover the shaker with its lid and shake it vigorously while counting slowly to 10. The outside of the shaker should be frosty after 10 seconds.

Remove the shaker lid and set a drink strainer on top. Pour the drink through the strainer and into a 2-ounce shot glass or a port glass. Dispose of the ice.

Hold a spoon, concave side down, over the surface of the drink in the shot glass. Hold it at a slight angle so the edge of the spoon is just above the alcohol. Slowly pour rum over the back of the spoon so it trickles down and spreads evenly over the top of the drink, floating on the surface. Pour just enough rum to create a thin floating layer across the top of the drink.

Set the rum on fire with a barbecue lighter, touching the flame just above the layer of rum. Blow out the flame before drinking.


  • Kryptonite shooters only need rum if you plan to set them on fire, says Shaun Daugherty of the Shaun the Bartender website. If you want the rum in your shooter but not the fire, you can also mix it in with the other ingredients in the shaker before pouring.