A hot stone massage is a relaxing luxury that many people indulge in on a regular basis. While you could buy a hot stone massage kit from a company that sells massage supplies, it is easy to make one yourself, and it can be done for half the cost of purchasing one.

Visit a rock quarry. The stones sold in massage kits are usually polished stones. While these can look nice and uniform, any river rock works just as well. A rock quarry or landscape firm that sells to the public can show you their selection of river rocks.

Select rocks that are flat and fairly smooth. Pick out two large oval stones that are approximately 8 inches long by 6 inches wide. Next, select seven pairs of rocks that you can hold easily in your hand. Finally, choose eight small stones that are between the size of a quarter and the size of an egg.

Purchase a warmer, such as a slow cooker or a large tabletop skillet with a lid. You need a 6-quart or larger slow cooker to heat all of the stones at once. If you will be using a tabletop skillet, you need one that has sides at least 3 inches tall.

Get the accessories. In addition to the rocks, you need a strainer, slotted spoon or tongs to get the rocks out of the warmer. Also, get a food thermometer and two tea towels.

Assemble your hot stone massage kit. Begin by assembling the slow cooker or skillet. Wash the rocks and stack them into your warmer. Fill the warmer with water until the rocks are submerged. Finally, place the kit and the accessories on a sturdy surface by an electrical outlet.


  • Find rocks that are very close in shape, size and weight to make each pair.

  • If you are using a smaller warmer, you might not be able to completely cover the rocks.

  • Use the tea towels between the skin and the stones for people who are sensitive to heat.