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Pamper your toes and feet by indulging in a pedicure. Pedicures not only feel good on your feet, but the clipping and cutting of your nails and cleaning of your feet are essential to healthy, happy feet and toes. The process of a pedicure, which can be done at home or by a professional, involves polishing toe nails, exfoliating dead skin to make feet smooth, and increasing the circulation in your feet and calves with a massage. There are different pedicures to choose from; choose the one that works best for your feet.

Regular Pedicure

The trendiest pedicure is the regular pedicure. The straightforward approach to cleaning feet is the one most women use to maintain their toes. The regular pedicure consists of soaking feet in a warm tub of smelly salts and scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file. This removes the dead skin around the front and back of the foot. The toes are clipped, filed and cleaned, then set out to dry so polish adheres to the nail. While toes nails dry, apply a moisturizer to the foot and calf and massage the leg. Lastly, the toes are painted to a color of your choosing.

Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure is an upgrade to the regular pedicure because of a few extra steps during the process. Spa pedicures receive all the basics of the regular pedicure. In addition to a few extra minutes and a slightly higher price, the spa pedicure typically involves a paraffin wax, mud mask or salt scrub. Dip feet into a paraffin wax and allow the wax to cool completely before simply peeling it off and revealing smooth skin. A mud mask is similar to a face mask, but for the feet; it helps to remove dead skin and relax sore feet. Salt or sugar scrubs are another exfoliation and moisture-enhancing technique.

Stone Pedicure

Stone pedicures help relax and work out sore muscles, aches and pains in the feet and calves. The pedicure includes the amenities from the regular pedicure. In addition; warm to hot stones are used to rub down the foot to help loosen tight muscles. Depending on the salon, patrons may receive a foot rub with essential oil, then place their feet onto a smooth stone, or the professional may rub down the foot and calves with the stones and essential oil.

Mini Pedicure

The mini pedicure is fast, quick and inexpensive. Because of the term “mini,” the pedicure does not contain the massage or exfoliation to the feet. Unknowingly, women usually give themselves mini pedicures at home because the mini pedicure is simply removing the polish, filing the nails and re-polishing the toes.

Specialty Pedicures

Salons offer a specialty pedicure to women who want something a “little different” than normal. Sometimes the specialty pedicures are in a package format only, which means you have to request the pedicure entirely, or the specialty products can be added onto a regular or spa pedicure. Specialty pedicures vary by salon, but may include a chocolate pedicure which includes a chocolate foot scrub, foot mask and lotion all scented in chocolate. Margarita pedicures contain a lime salt scrub, lime-infused water and a massage with limes. Champagne pedicures may include grape seed scrub, mask and oils for massages.