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Ice packs are essential to have on hand in case anyone in the family suffers a fall or experiences some swelling. Ice packs are also useful for toothaches. It is very easy to make your own ice pack at home. When you make your ice pack, you will need to use some rubbing alcohol, which will keep the ice from freezing solid. The gel-type ice pack will be easier to mold to your injury. This is especially true if you hurt your elbow or knee.

Pour the water and rubbing alcohol into the freezer bag.

Close the plastic freezer bag, Be careful to squeeze any air from the bag.

Let the homemade ice pack set in the freezer for at least one hour.

Take the ice pack out and use it, as needed. When you are done, return it to the freezer so that it can gel again.


For extra protection, you can place your homemade ice pack in a second plastic freezer bag. Do this before you place it in the freezer.


Always wrap your homemade ice pack with a thin towel before holding it against your skin.