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If you own a refrigerator-freezer combo with a built-in ice maker, you may occasionally notice the ice sticking together and forming lumps. This happens when the ice melts partially and refreezes. It is easily preventable with some weekly maintenance. After reading this tutorial you'll be able to sit back and enjoy a cold drink again--without any half-frozen icy lumps.

Observe your ice maker. Check whether it is developing any clumps of ice inside the ice bucket and take note of how frequently this problem occurs.

Stir up the ice cubes inside your bucket using a wooden spoon. Do so once or twice per week, or more frequently if you observe the ice sticking together faster. This will keep it loose and from clumping together.

Test whether your ice machine works correctly by occasionally dispensing some ice into a glass.


If you do not have an ice machine, you may freeze ice cubes in a tray first and then transfer them to a paper bag. Keeping ice cubes in a paper bag rather than a plastic one or a bowl absorbs any excess moisture and will keep them from sticking together.

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