How to Make Shaved Ice Without an Ice Crusher

By Marley Parker

Warm weather means cold treats -- and snow cones or shaved ice are summertime favorites. If you don't have a specialized ice-crushing machine, a blender or food processor can create a homemade version of this seasonal goody.

You can make shaved ice at home for a cool summertime treat.

Step 1

Make sure the proper blade is installed in your blender or food processor. A standard blade should work well.

Step 2

Keep blades sharp, as ice can dull them quickly. Consult your owner's manual for sharpening instructions regarding your specific machine.

Step 3

Fill the blender or food processor about halfway with ice. Do not fill to the top or all the ice will not be broken up. To make a large amount of shaved ice, you'll need to repeat the process several times.

Step 4

Press the machine's pulse, blend or chop button for no more than a few seconds at a time. If your machine has an ice-shaving setting or attachment, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 5

Shake the container as the ice begins to break up, shifting the contents and bringing unbroken ice cubes closer to the blade.

Step 6

Use a spoon to help pour your shaved ice into a bowl. If you need more, place the bowl in the freezer until ready for use.