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Sunburns from tanning beds are treated in the same way as burns from the sun. It is wise to refrain from tanning altogether, as excessive exposure to the sun and tanning beds has been shown to increase the risk of developing skin cancer. If you do suffer a burn, you can choose from several home remedies for some relief. If you have severe or persistent burns or your skin develops any signs of infection, see your doctor.


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A cool compress of cold water can provide sunburn relief. Make several compresses in advance using washcloths and store them in plastic bags in the refrigerator for cool, on-the-spot relief. To use, apply the compress to your sunburn until the cooling effect has worn off. Do not rub your skin with the compress or use it on broken skin or blisters, as doing so may lead to an infection.

Special Baths

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A cool shower or bath may provide sunburn relief, and the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration recommends using an alcohol-free moisturizer after bathing to help keep your skin moist. You can also take cool or lukewarm baths with baking soda added to the bath water for additional cooling power and itch control. Commercially prepared oatmeal bath products may also help. Use caution when adding ingredients to your bath if you have open wounds or cracked skin -- again, because of the risk of infection.

Other Remedies

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Pure aloe vera gel applied directly to your sunburn not only relieves burning and itching but also moisturizes your skin to encourage healing. You can also take ibuprofen for pain relief and to reduce swelling, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A sunburn dehydrates your body, so be sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. Most important, protect your burn from the sun and refrain from tanning in a tanning bed until your burn is fully healed.

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