How to Make a High Heel Shoe Cake

By Susan Lundman

A high heel cake creates a festive feel for a sweet 16 birthday party, or any party for a fashion-forward crowd. Flip through magazines to find the most stylish high heel shoe to copy, or go with a more modest, but always-in-style, single colored shoe with piping around the edges. Your cake will still be impressive, but easier to make, if you fashion a shoe laying down instead of standing upright.


Step 1

Trace the outline of a high heel shoe from a magazine or draw one freehand and enlarge it as needed to fit on a standard size sheet cake. Cut it out to use as a pattern when you cut the cake. If you don't want to add a marzipan heel later, include the heel in your paper pattern.

Step 2

Place the paper model on a sheet cake and trace around the edges using a toothpick. Use a serrated knife to cut along the guide, being careful not to press down on the cake.

Step 3

Frost the entire shoe with whatever color frosting you want and let it dry. For multicolored heels, such as those with a different colored sole or top section, ice one color first and let it dry before icing the adjacent section. Add sugar sprinkles, toasted coconut stripes, licorice strips and cookie crumbles to the icing before it dries, pressing the larger candy and crumbles slightly into the frosting.

Step 4

Add a few drops of food coloring to 1 tablespoon of marzipan paste, working it into the paste with a knife. Roll the paste into a stiletto heel shape with one end wider than the other. Let it rest for about 10 minutes before attaching the wide end to the shoe, using icing as glue.

Step 5

Pipe thin strips of a dark colored icing around the end of the marzipan heel, in the section between the shoe and its sole and around the upper edges of the shoe. The dark piping helps the color of the shoe itself stand out.