How to Make a Green Tea Latte

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Green tea is harvested from the same plants as black tea but is processed differently to prevent oxidization. This difference gives green tea a lighter, more delicate flavor than typical black tea.

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How To Make A Green Tea Latte

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There are two forms of green tea you can use to make a hot or iced latte:

Either form of tea makes an excellent latte, although the powdered form is more traditional and will give you a beverage with a richer mouthfeel similar to a latte made with espresso.

A hot latte gives you a sweet break on a cold day no matter which form of tea you use.

You can enjoy the delicate flavors of a green tea latte during the summer by making an iced version. Steep the matcha or green tea latte as above but add cold milk instead of steamed dairy. This version won't have a frothy head because the milk isn't steamed, but it will be refreshing.

A green tea latte is delicately smooth and creamy on its own, but it also pairs well with a variety of sweeteners and complementary flavorings.