A garter flask is a great accessory if you are drinking discreetly or really want to cut loose for a night on the town. This simple little accessory is a great bachelorette party gift or just a fun item to make for those evenings when you do not feel like playing by the rules. Of course, always remember that a garter flask containing alcohol will count as an open container in many states if you are driving and you should always use responsibility and discretion when utilizing this clever piece of apparel.

Cut out your flask pocket. Use the flask itself as a guide to cut out a piece of cloth that is 2 inches longer than twice the height of the flask. Cut the width of the piece of cloth about one inch wider than that of the flask. For example, if your flask is 3 inches high, half an inch thick and 2 inches wide, then your cloth rectangle will be 8 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Sew up the pocket. Fold the material so that it is half an inch deeper than the flask is tall. You will have left over material left at the top. Sew up the sides of the fold using a zigzag stitch. After you have done this you can turn the pouch right side out so the seams do not show, and this will create a pocket that you can drop your flask into.

Place a Velcro fastener on the flap. The excess material should fold over to hold the flask in place. Put the flask in the pocket and then fold the flap over. This will show you where to put the sticky Velcro dots so that they match up and hold the flask in the pouch.

Sew an additional elastic inset into the garter. A conventional garter is not meant to hold the weight of a flask, so you'll need additional elastic. Use your sewing machine to sew in an extra length of elastic on the inside of the garter, using a zigzag stitch. Cut your elastic so that it is the length of the inside of the garter or slightly less to make it even tighter.

Attach the pouch to the garter. You can sew this part using your sewing machine or by hand, but be sure you sew it tightly and well or you will lose your liquor halfway through the evening! Place the flask pouch against the outside of the garter and sew only the back of the pouch at the top of the pocket to the garter. Use a zigzag stitch if you are using the sewing machine, or multiple rows of straight stitches if you are sewing by hand. This will fix the flask pouch to the garter and both threads of elastic so that it will remain in place on your leg. Now, you are ready to fill your flask, pull on your garter and walk out the door.


  • Decorate your flask pouch with a monogram or rhinestones for a custom look.