Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has a trademark smoothness that lends itself to fabulous drink concoctions. It’s all thanks to the brand’s classic methods of mellowing the whiskey through stacks of sugar maple charcoal and aging it in specially made white oak barrels. Since Jack works with sweet, sour, and bitter mixers, cocktails made with this old favorite are sure crowd-pleasers. Not to mention, the 80-proof alcohol content makes a very stiff drink.

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You can’t miss with Jack and Coke. This cocktail is a classic among everyone from bikers to college students to rock stars to liquor snobs. Purists insist on no substitutions; only Coca Cola will do. Coke’s effervescent sweetness makes it a perfect match for the signature Jack Daniel’s charcoal-mellowed flavor. To make this perennial favorite, mix one part Jack with three parts Coke over ice in a highball glass and garnish with a lime. Variations include adding a teaspoon of vanilla, or substituting Cherry Coke for regular Coke.

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Another beloved Jack Daniel’s concoction is the Lynchburg Lemonade. Prefab mixes are available, as well as individual single-serving bottles with the liquor already in them. While these may taste good enough, longtime fans insist on mixing their own for the most authentic taste of summer in a glass. To make the real thing, blend equal parts Jack Daniel’s, sour mix, and triple sec in a tall glass. While the classic garnish consists of cherries and a lemon wedge, some people get creative and top the drink with orange slices and other random fruits to taste.

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Bitter and Dry

The Manhattan’s 130-plus-year-old history makes it a classic among classics. The cocktail owes at least some of its popularity to its adaptability. Whiskey options include bourbon, Canadian and Tennessee varieties, as well as rye, the old-school choice. While some recipes use more or less vermouth, this is a matter of personal taste; use a higher ratio of vermouth to whiskey for a sweeter drink. To make Jack Daniel’s own take on the Manhattan, mix 1 1/2 parts Jack, 1/2 part vermouth, and a dash of bitters with ice in a cocktail shaker. Serve it straight up, topped with a cherry.