It’s surprising that one simple dish can have so many colorful names. Whether you call it a bull’s-eye egg, toad in a hole, Rocky Mountain toast or a bird’s nest, this tasty breakfast combines two breakfast staples in one. Golden toast surrounds a fried egg, cooked to your liking. Fry the egg hard so the yolk is solid or leave it soft for a tasty dip.

Things You'll Need

Coat the inside of a frying pan with nonstick spray. Place the pan on the stove.

Push a drinking glass down onto the center of a slice of bread. This will act as a cookie cutter and remove a circular piece of bread.

Butter both sides of the remaining bread.

Turn the stove burner to medium. Heat the pan for 2 minutes.

Place the slice of bread in the middle of the pan. Crack an egg carefully over the bread so it slips into the hole in the middle of the bread.

Cook the bread and egg until the bottom of the bread becomes golden brown and the egg starts to set. Some of the egg white may have seeped under the bread, but this is OK.

Flip the egg and bread carefully with a wide spatula. Cook it until the egg is done as much as you like it.

Pick up the bull’s-eye egg with the spatula and flip it over onto a plate. Season with salt and pepper.


  • Use shaped cookie cutters, such as hearts or flowers, instead of the drinking glass for a different look to the dish.

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