How to Cook Fried Eggs Over Medium

By Amie Taylor

While frying eggs seems like a simple task at first glance, some people have difficulty getting them just right. When you like your eggs over medium, that means a white that is completely done and a yolk that is soft, not overcooked and not too runny. Luckily, mastering the over medium egg can be done without difficulty when you know what you're doing.


Heat your skillet over a low-medium heat. The key to perfect over medium eggs is to cook them slowly on a lower heat setting. Cooking them too fast results in tough, rubbery whites and hard yolks.

Put one tablespoon of cooking oil into your skillet and spread it around the pan with your spatula. Cooking oil has a higher smoke point than butter, resists burning and scorching and results in a smoothly cooked egg.

Break your egg into a bowl. Gently slide your egg out of the bowl and into the skillet. This method helps your egg retain its shape and gives you the chance to remove any eggshells.

Cook your egg until the white is no longer runny and the yolk starts to thicken. Gently slide your spatula underneath the egg and flip it over.

Check your egg frequently to obtain an over medium effect. The yolk should be soft, but not runny, and the white completely done. Gently touch the yolk with the corner of your spatula to test it. If it gives way easily, it's not quite done. Remove it from the pan before it takes on the hard, yellow look of a well- done egg. Apply salt and pepper to taste.