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Luxury jeweled bras are showcased on television and in magazines and newspapers across the world. Yet, according to Consumer Reports' "Shop Smart Magazine," women have a love-hate relationship with their bras. A 2008 survey of U.S. women conducted by Consumer Reports' National Research Center, found that although most women wear bras every day, very few are satisfied with their fit. More than 75 percent of the women surveyed reported having challenges with bra fit. There are solutions. If the cup of your bra is too large, you can reduce its size easily with a few simple tips.

Gather or pinch a small amount of fabric and secure with a safety pin on the top inside of the bra cup. Continue gathering and pinning fabric on the bottom and on each side of the bra cup.

Try on the bra to determine the proper fit. If the bra cup is still too large, adjust the safety pins and gather more material on all sides of the cup until it fits correctly.

Sew four darts on the inside of the bra cup -- at the top and bottom and on both sides -- using the safety pins as guides to determine the amount of fabric reduction. To make a dart, remove the safety pin and pinch a small amount of fabric in each hand. Fold both pieces of fabric inward to form a "V" shape and secure by sewing. The darts should be small incisions and placed proportionally to mimic, not alter, the shape of the cup.

Use a hot iron to smooth and flatten the newly sewn darts.


Never buy a bra without trying it on as bra sizes vary depending upon the style and manufacturer of the bra.


Sewing only two darts in each bra cup will produce an improperly proportioned cup. For a proper fit, sew at least four darts at the top and bottom and on both sides of the cup.