A brunch favorite, the bloody Mary also works as a steakhouse appetizer or seafood side dish with its tomato juice base and often elaborate garnishes. Thought to cure hangovers, the bloody Mary mixes vodka with tomato juice, citrus and other savory and spicy flavors. Because tastes differ, keep the classic ingredients on hand and mix up the seasonings to taste, allowing guests to add their own garnishes, for a personalized treat.

Things You'll Need

Measure 1 part vodka to 3 parts tomato juice into a pitcher or carafe. Add Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce by the dash to taste.

Press the back of a spoon into a jar of prepared horseradish to smash the solid horseradish into the bottom of the jar and allow the liquid to float to the top. Drain the liquid from the jar into the pitcher of mixed vodka, juice and sauces. Spoon additional solid prepared horseradish into the mixture to taste.

Squeeze the lemon into the vodka and juice mixture, a quarter of the lemon at a time, to taste. For a more tart bloody Mary, substitute lime juice for the lemon, or combine the two. Cut any unused lemon or lime into wedges for garnishing the glasses.

Stir the entire mixture and taste. Add seasonings to taste such as seasoned or celery salt, white pepper, garlic powder or dill weed. Refrigerate the seasoned mixture for 30 minutes to an hour.

Prepare glasses for the bloody Marys while the mixture chills. Pour kosher salt onto a saucer and fill a second saucer with cold water. Dip the rim of each glass into the cold water, then into the pile of kosher salt to rim the glasses in salt. As an alternative, use herbed or jalapeƱo salt instead of kosher salt.

Add several ice cubes to each prepared glass. Stir the blood Mary mixture and then pour into the glasses over ice. Garnish each bloody Mary with pickled vegetables such as asparagus, pepperoncinis, cauliflower, okra, dill pickles, marinated olives and mushrooms. Add extra crispy strips of bacon or shrimp cocktail on skewers as desired.