How to Make a Barney Birthday Cake

By Amelia Allonsy

A dinosaur cake completes a Barney birthday theme -- set it up as a dessert table centerpiece until time to cut the cake. While Barney is typically regarded as a purple dinosaur, his actual color shades toward magenta. A picture or Barney toy can help you get the small details correct, whether you make a two-dimensional sheet cake or a cake shaped like Barney.

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Buttercream Transfer Barney

A frozen buttercream transfer makes it possible to add a Barney image to the cake as perfect as a picture without any drawing skills. Select a color image of Barney, adjust it to fit the size of the cake and print it out. Slip the image under a piece of wax paper. Outline the major lines in the image with black frosting and a round decorating tip. Fill in the foremost details in the image with the appropriate color frosting, starting with Barney's white teeth and black pupils. Layer the black inside of his mouth and whites of his eyes over these features. Pipe green frosting onto the belly and cover the entire image with purple frosting. After freezing the image solid, simply flip it over onto the cake and peel off the wax paper.

Fondant Cake Toppers

If you have a talent for working with play dough or modeling clay, you can use fondant, a moldable frosting, to shape Barney and friends figurines for the top of a cake. The Barney figurine might be standing or seated, depending on how you wish to place him on the cake. The rest of the cake can be decorated with simple frosting and a birthday message or a more elaborate scene such as Barney's clubhouse or playground. After allowing a day for the fondant to dry and harden, place the figurine on top of the cake. One relatively simple idea with a big impact is a fondant cake that looks as though Barney is bursting out to surprise guests. Cover the cake with fondant and cut out triangle flaps that you can bend back to mimic torn paper flaps.

Shaped Cake Pan

Molded cake pans include all the basic Barney features, such as his mouth, face shape and eyes. When you remove the cooled cake from this type of pain, these features are visible on the cake. Simply fill in the features with the appropriate color frosting to make the Barney birthday cake. The star fill-in technique is common for these types of pans. Insert a star decorating tip in a decorating bag and fill with the desired color frosting. Squeeze small, tightly spaced dots over the cake to fill in each feature. Apply icing and spread it smooth with a spatula for features such as the mouth, teeth and eyes.

Barney Body Cake

A three-dimensional body makes a big impact at a birthday party but requires some advanced cake decorating skills to achieve. Stack several thin layers of cake with buttercream frosting filling. Carve the basic body shape from one layer cake and the head from another layer cake. Spread buttercream frosting over each cake and cover with purple fondant. To keep the head from falling off, insert dowel rods into the bottom of the head with enough length protruding so the dowels go down into the body and touch the cake plate when you position the head. Shape the legs and arms from fondant and hold them in place with toothpicks. Add a panel of green for the belly and complete the cake with a fondant mouth and eyes.