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Maintaining volume with their hair is a constant battle for women. Wind and humidity conspire against your hair, making it look flat and lifeless, or flyaway and unkempt, even after a trip to the salon. Blowing your hair out with a hair dryer and adding curl using a curling iron can add volume back, but at the risk of drying out and damaging your hair. Volume can actually be created and maintained in your hair overnight without the use of heat or chemical-based sprays.

Put your hair in a loose bun for long, straight hair. Brush the hair to remove any tangles. Take the hair in one hand, like you are making a pony tail. Loop the hair around itself a couple of times, loosely, and secure with a couple of bobby pins or hair rubber band.

Put your hair up in soft rollers overnight. Wrap several strands of hair around each foam roller and pin with a bobby pin or hair rubber band. Do this several times until all of your hair is wrapped in curlers.

Use a leave-in deep conditioner overnight. Massage the conditioner throughout the hair. Wipe away any excess conditioner with a damp towel. Put your hair under a shower cap to keep your pillows dry while you sleep. Rinse out the conditioner in the morning, without shampooing, leaving your hair silkier and full of volume.

Wrap the hair gently using a polyester or silk scarf. Consider propping yourself up with several pillows in the bed or sleeping in a recliner or other chair to protect your hair.