How to Look Like a Model

By LeafTV Editor

How to Look Like a Model. Models are extremely popular in Western culture. Models are on the cutting edge of fashion and are thought to be some of the most beautiful people alive. Everyone would love to look like a model, but how? These steps reveal some of the best tricks that models use to stay gorgeous, and you can use them too.

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How To Look Like A Model


Do what is necessary to become healthy. If you are overweight, you will need to lose those extra pounds. Begin a more rigorous exercise routine if you haven't already. This is the most important step if you want to look like a model. Make sure you are following a healthy weight loss program.

Become conscious of style. Be aware of fashion trends and the latest accessories. Thumb through some of the hot fashion magazines to get an idea of what's the rage this season, including colors and fabrics. Then incorporate what you can into your own look. If you wear the latest fashions, the eyes of the crowd are sure to be drawn to you.

Remember that fashion changes from season to season, so it's important to stay ahead of fashion. What is fashionable today may be outdated tomorrow.

Find a good hairstylist. They are always hip to new trends in both hair-care and fashion. Go regularly to keep your hair trimmed and colored in the latest styles. The beauty salons often have hair style magazines that you and yyour stylist can look through and determine which cuts and colors will flatter you best.

Purchase makeup and learn how to apply it well. Wearing makeup correctly will add to your overall look and bring an elegant look to your everyday self.

Smile as much as possible. People respond positively to a smile and a good attitude will make people want to look at you.

Get out there and be seen. You can't model form the inside of a closet. You have to show yourself off to the people around you. Go to clubs and special events so you will be noticed.


  • Try to find a happy medium between realistic and fashionable. You don't have to wear the most expensive brand name clothes every day of the week to look like a model.

  • Modeling classes are available for those who seriously wish to become one.